Neuth’s promise

Neuth started in 2013 because we couldn’t find the kind of lux, organic product that we craved: something decadent to wipe away the cares of the day and to leave us refreshed with healthy, beautiful skin.

At first, we thought that the search for a product like Neuth would be simple – easy! After all, we have Amazon today and that seems to hold all the world’s treasures on its’ site.

Yet after searching hour after hour, day after day, and week after week (!) we realized that all of the products that we were able to find had mineral oil (a petroleum by-product) and/or added fragrance, and we wanted none of that!

We realized that a product like Neuth wasn’t on the marketplace, so we went out to create it ourselves. Then came the challenging part: we didn’t have a background in chemistry or cosmetics – so how on earth would we create something that we would want to use over and over again?

Much testing, tweaking and trying later…we were able to formulate Neuth.¬†And what a day that was! We were thrilled to bring to the marketplace something that we had first wanted years ago, and had not been able to find.

Since that time, we are delighted that more and more organic brands are being developed. It’s amazing that in the US, the ingredients in products don’t need to be tested and proved of their safety before being added into products.

Neuth’s promise is to always be organic, always be transparent, and always freely share our ingredient list. We’re so happy that you found your way here, and hope that this can become a long-lasting relationship.

We would love to hear from you!

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